Objects & Places from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Drink Me Bottle

Alice finds this when she first goes down the rabbit hole. She makes sure that it isn’t labeled ‘Poison.’

Eat Me Cakes

These shrink Alice to a much smaller size.

The Key

This is on the table once Alice falls down the rabbit hole. She needs it to see the garden.

Rabbit's House

Here, Alice drinks liquid that makes her grow so large she takes up the whole house.

March Hare's Tea Party

This is where Alice meets The Hatter and Dormouse for the first time.

Gloves and Fan

These belong to the White Rabbit, though he drops them.

The Garden

This belongs to the Royal family, and Alice wants to see it.

The Courtroom

This is where the fate of a character is decided.

The Riverbank

Alice falls asleep here and dreams about Wonderland.

Flamingos and Hedgehogs

These are used by the Queen...

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