Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Fun Activities

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Come up with a set of Wonderland trial procedures that govern the characters’ behavior in court.

Trivial Pursuit

Create a set of cards that correspond to Wonderland and various bits of trivia about its inhabitants. Using a Trivial Pursuit board, compete with others to see who remembers the most from the book.


Make a travel brochure describing Wonderland’s attractions. Be sure to include information about means of transport.


Write Alice’s biography and contrast this to Alice Liddell’s biography.


Create a Wikipedia page for Wonderland, based on the format of city pages already on that site. Be sure to include illustrations.

Invisible Scenes

Identify a place for a scene that could have been “left out” of the original version. Create this scene and insert it into your own book.

Rules of Law

Make a constitution for Wonderland. What are the rules of...

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