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Chapter 1

• Alice grows tired sitting with her sister on the riverbank.

• She follows a white rabbit with a pocket watch down a rabbit hole.

• Various objects line the walls of the rabbit hole, and Alice ponders what is happening to her.

• When she lands at the bottom of the rabbit hole, she finds that she is surrounded by locked doors, with a key on the table.

• The key fits a door behind a curtain, which Alice is too large to fit through.

• She drinks from a bottle marked ‘Drink Me’ and shrinks, but leaves the key on the table.

• No longer able to reach the key, Alice starts to cry.

• Alice finds a cake marked ‘Eat Me.’

• She does not care which way she will grow, and so eats the cake.

• At first, nothing seems to happen as a result of eating the cake.

Chapter 2

• Alice starts to...

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