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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what kind of clothes was Mary Whitney buried?
(a) Her maid uniform.
(b) Her best nightgown.
(c) Her Sunday dress.
(d) A black dress.

2. What does the prison do to a woman if there are too many marks against her?
(a) Feed her only bread and water.
(b) Assign her to chamber pots.
(c) Lash her.
(d) Cut off her hair.

3. What do Grace and Jamie do on her birthday?
(a) They make daisy chains.
(b) They have a picnic.
(c) He shows her where he lives.
(d) Nothing, he is working.

4. What does Grace give as the reason she cannot have sex with McDermott in Kinnear’s bed?
(a) It has blood on it.
(b) She has slept in the bed with Nancy.
(c) Not with Kinnear dead in the cellar.
(d) It is too soft.

5. On what does Grace sleep in the prison?
(a) A niche in the wall with a cotton mattress.
(b) A pallet on the floor.
(c) A straw mattress.
(d) A cotton mattress on a frame.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kenneth’s law firm tell him about arguing Grace and McDermott’s trial?

2. What does Nancy tell Grace to do for dinner that Grace does not want to do?

3. When does Nancy tell McDermott he has to leave?

4. About what is Grace concerned as far as the story she is telling Dr. Jordan?

5. Why does Annie Little pinch Grace at breakfast?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jamie Walsh say at Grace’s trial that hurts her chances of acquittal?

2. What does McDermott say to Grace when he comes in her room after she wakes?

3. What does Grace plan to do when McDermott and she arrive in Lewiston and what changes her plan?

4. What does Grace tell Dr. Jordan about a chicken for dinner at Kinnear’s?

5. What happens when McDermott threatens Grace with a gun?

6. What does Grace remember after she wakes with Dr. Dupont and how does Dr. Jordan feel about his involvement with Grace?

7. What is Grace’s response to McDermott’s assertion about Nancy’s death?

8. What does Nancy tell McDermott when she is tired of his attitude and what does McDermott then tell Grace?

9. What does Grace tell Dr. Jordan that McDermott told her and what does she offer as a reason she had not told Nancy?

10. What does Grace say is how Kinnear gets killed?

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