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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Nancy suggest she and Grace sleep in Mr. Kinnear’s bedroom?
(a) It is hot and his bed is larger.
(b) To throw off McDermott if he comes looking for her.
(c) It is a full moon and it shines right in Nancy’s window.
(d) Nancy does not suggest they sleep in Kinnear’s room.

2. What does Grace tell Dr. Jordan about her dream in the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) She heard McDermott crying.
(b) She saw red flowers.
(c) She says she does not remember her dream.
(d) She saw Mary Whitney.

3. What does Dr. Jordan bring with him when he talks to Grace shortly before she is hypnotized?
(a) A silver candlestick.
(b) A banana.
(c) A Nathaniel Hawthorne book.
(d) Another apple.

4. What does the prison do to a woman if there are too many marks against her?
(a) Cut off her hair.
(b) Lash her.
(c) Feed her only bread and water.
(d) Assign her to chamber pots.

5. What does Sally tell Grace when Grace asks her about going to work at the Kinnears?
(a) It is very far from town.
(b) It sounds like a great idea.
(c) It is probably not a good position for a young girl.
(d) Mr. Kinnear is not a gentleman.

6. Where does Grace go to work when she leaves the Parkinsons?
(a) To work for Mrs. McDonald.
(b) To work for Mr. Dixon.
(c) To work at the bank.
(d) To work at the Broad Street Hotel.

7. What does Dr. Jordan ask Grace after Dupont hypnotizes her that makes Grace lash out at him?
(a) If she helped kill Nancy.
(b) If she wanted to sleep with her lawyer.
(c) If she asked McDermott to kill Nancy.
(d) If she had sex with McDermott.

8. What does Grace say is the reason Mr. Verringer is so proper?
(a) He is in the Canadian parliament.
(b) He is a clergyman.
(c) He is noble born.
(d) He is English.

9. Why does Grace think Nancy is afraid Thomas will begin to like Grace?
(a) Grace is smarter than Nancy.
(b) Nancy is pregnant.
(c) Nancy does not think that.
(d) Grace is younger.

10. Of what does Grace say Mrs. Moodie reminds her?
(a) A snake.
(b) A cat.
(c) A beetle.
(d) a rabbit.

11. What different plan has Dr. Jordan come up with as to what he brings Grace?
(a) He has quit bringing anything.
(b) He will ask her to draw a picture instead.
(c) There is no different plan.
(d) She can decide what she wants him to bring.

12. What does Grace tell herself about the murders?
(a) She was not there.
(b) She cannot remember all the details.
(c) They were a long time ago.
(d) She is positive she killed no one.

13. What religion is James McDermott?
(a) Methodist.
(b) Catholic.
(c) Quaker.
(d) Anglican.

14. Why won’t Dr. Jordan be able to get a shot of whiskey at Verringer’s house?
(a) He is Baptist.
(b) His wife is an alcoholic so he does not keep it in the house.
(c) Verringer cannot afford whiskey.
(d) He is a teetotaler.

15. What does Dr. Jordan fantasize about on the train ride back to Kingston?
(a) Grace as an older woman.
(b) Running away to Europe.
(c) Grace and Mary Whitney playing.
(d) Marrying Grace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does McDermott tell Jamie is the reason that McDermott has the shotgun in his hands?

2. What kind of a stock investment does Dr. Jordan’s mother talk about in her letter?

3. What happens one night that changes Dr. Jordan and Mrs. Humphreys’s relationship?

4. What kind of work does Mr. Watson, one of Grace’s employers, do?

5. What does Mary Whitney say as to the murders?

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