Alias Grace Character Descriptions

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Grace Marks

She is the sixteen-year-old who is accused of the murders of her employer, Mr. Kinnear, and his housekeeper, Nancy.

James McDermott

He is a stable boy at the Kinnear household.

Nancy Montgomery

She is the housekeeper in Thomas Kinnear's home.


She is the chambermaid at the Parkinson's home.

Dr. Bannerling

He is the director of the asylum.

Mrs. Burt

She rents a cheap room at the back of her house to Grace's family when they first arrive in Toronto.

Dr. Jerome Dupont

He takes on several different disguises.

Governor's Wife

She is fascinated with crime and criminals and keeps a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of crimes.

Mrs. Honey

She is the head servant at Mrs. Parkinson's house.

Mrs. Rachel Humphreys

She rents a room to Dr. Jordan when he is working with Grace.

Dr. Simon Jordan

He is involved in the early studies of psychiatry...

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