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Lev Nussimbaum
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 5, what does Ali do at the Well of Pechap├╝r?
(a) Sleeps.
(b) Prays.
(c) Feasts.
(d) Dances.

2. In Chapter 7, what does Ali fear has corrupted Nino?
(a) Not wearing a veil.
(b) Listening to music.
(c) Reading books.
(d) Traveling to Russia.

3. Why does Prince Dadiani invite Ali and Nino to his castle for the first time?
(a) To show them a forest.
(b) To challenge them to a game of cards.
(c) To watch them dance.
(d) To offer them gifts.

4. In Chapter 8, what does Ali say is the only reason he could go to war?
(a) If Nino was in danger.
(b) If his homeland were threatened.
(c) If his father told him.
(d) If he was forced to by the goverment.

5. What groups of people live in Susha?
(a) Armenian and Muslim.
(b) Jewish and Armenian.
(c) Only Muslims.
(d) Muslim and Jewish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ali switch with Iljas Beg before he dances with Nino?

2. Why does Seyd say faith doesn't matter for women?

3. Who does Nachararyan say is his cultural enemy?

4. Who takes Ali to a sulfur bath in Tiflis?

5. How does Iljas Beg feel about the war in Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ali do after the Armenians join the Russians in demanding a Muslim surrender?

2. In Chapter 24, how does Ali's uncle describe Persia?

3. What does Shusha look like?

4. Why does Ali give Arslan Aga alcohol in Chapter 19?

5. What happens when Nino finds Ali in exile?

6. What does Ali say about trees while visiting Dadiani?

7. How does Ali feel about his friends after the Holy War is declared?

8. How does Seyd Mustafa describe Nino's kidnapping?

9. How does Dim Mehmed Haidar feel about the war?

10. How does Nachararyan feel about the war after the Czar fires the commander of his army?

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