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Lev Nussimbaum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ali spend the first few weeks of Tamar's life?
(a) He spends them on vacation.
(b) He spends them caring for Tamar.
(c) He spends them at work.
(d) He spends them caring for Nino.

2. What does Jahja want to do in Chapter 25 after meeting with Ali?
(a) Call an exorcist.
(b) Find a new job.
(c) Write a novel.
(d) Help Ali move.

3. How does the eunuch at the Shimran harem feel about Ali's relationship with Nino?
(a) The eunuch things Ali is true to Nino.
(b) The eunuch thinks Ali beats Nino.
(c) The eunuch thinks Ali pampers Nino.
(d) The eunuch thinks Ali ignores Nino.

4. In Chapter 16, what decision do the oil princes make at the end of their meeting?
(a) To raise their prices.
(b) To join the war.
(c) To hide half their oil.
(d) To wait.

5. After British troops leave Azerbaijan, who does Ali worry about coming in the country?
(a) Russia.
(b) France.
(c) Turkey.
(d) India.

6. How does Ali learn that his job is transferring him to Paris?
(a) He is sent a train ticket in the mail.
(b) He reads about it in the paper.
(c) Nino hears it on the street.
(d) He gets a call from his boss.

7. Why is Nachararyan able to land the first punch while fighting Ali over kidnapping Nino?
(a) He moves faster.
(b) He is a trained boxer.
(c) Ali wasn't watching.
(d) He has longer arms.

8. In Chapter 24, how does Ali's cousin feel about Persia's development?
(a) He thinks it is underdeveloped.
(b) He thinks it is very modern.
(c) He thinks it is expensive.
(d) He thinks it is wasted on public art.

9. Who kills the Nachararyan family?
(a) Ali's partner.
(b) No one knows.
(c) Ali.
(d) Ali's father.

10. What is written in the marriage contract about Nino's religion?
(a) She will keep it.
(b) She will give it up.
(c) Nothing is mentioned.
(d) She will blend it with Islam.

11. What does the governor of Resht call Nino?
(a) A naked woman.
(b) A cowardly woman.
(c) An unholy woman.
(d) A foolish woman.

12. How does Ali's father describe Ali's early childhood years?
(a) Pleasant.
(b) Loud.
(c) Irritating.
(d) Sickly.

13. What does Dim Mehmed Haidar want to build in place of derricks?
(a) A garden.
(b) A mosque.
(c) A new city-center.
(d) A church.

14. How does Ali feel when his male guests touch Nino's hands in Chapter 28?
(a) Shame.
(b) Pride.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Love.

15. After marrying Ali, how does Nino feel about Baku?
(a) She wants to move back.
(b) She wants to burn the village.
(c) She wants to visit.
(d) She does not want to move back.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nino plan to restore her house in Baku?

2. In Chapter 24, what does Ali's uncle say about England?

3. What is the first thing Ali and Nino do when they arrive at Shimran?

4. How many witnesses sign Ali and Nino's marriage contract?

5. What ritual is performed on the tenth of Moharram?

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