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Lev Nussimbaum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ali flee after a police officer releases a warrant for his arrest?
(a) A fortified village.
(b) A dense farm.
(c) A rural town.
(d) Russia.

2. How does Nino feel about Ali beating and cutting himself in the streets?
(a) She says he is stupid.
(b) She says she doesn't understand.
(c) She says she hates him.
(d) She says she is proud of him.

3. Where does Nachararyan plan to marry Nino?
(a) Sweden.
(b) Baku.
(c) Paris.
(d) Moscow.

4. Why does Ali doubt some of the things Arslan tells him?
(a) Arslan doesn't like Ali.
(b) Arslan had been drinking.
(c) Arslan laughed too much.
(d) Arslan is known to lie.

5. Why is Ali angry when his father discusses legends with the boatman in Chapter 22?
(a) The war is more important.
(b) He is rambling.
(c) Asia has fallen.
(d) Legends are dead.

6. Who delivers news of Russians in the newly independent Baku?
(a) Safar Khan.
(b) Iljas Beg.
(c) Nino.
(d) Ali.

7. Why do some Persians believe Persia doesn't need an army?
(a) They have other countries protect them.
(b) They have divine protection.
(c) They need to spend there money in other ways.
(d) They never fight.

8. What is the purpose of the proposed Empire of Turan?
(a) To make Islam more peaceful.
(b) To tax Christians.
(c) To unite people of Turkish blood.
(d) To help Baku become European.

9. What does Nachararyan say he is saving Nino from when he kidnaps her?
(a) A loss of faith.
(b) A Muslim.
(c) A life of poverty.
(d) War.

10. Why does Arslan say it is safe for Ali and Nino to return home?
(a) They have been gone long enough.
(b) There has been a revolution.
(c) The people of Baku miss them.
(d) Blood feuds are illegal.

11. How does Arslan describe himself in combat against the Russians?
(a) Cowardly.
(b) Troubled.
(c) Brave.
(d) Under god's supervision.

12. What does Dim Mehmed Haidar want to build in place of derricks?
(a) A mosque.
(b) A garden.
(c) A new city-center.
(d) A church.

13. What is written in the marriage contract about Nino's religion?
(a) She will give it up.
(b) She will keep it.
(c) She will blend it with Islam.
(d) Nothing is mentioned.

14. How does Ali spend the first few weeks of Tamar's life?
(a) He spends them on vacation.
(b) He spends them caring for Nino.
(c) He spends them caring for Tamar.
(d) He spends them at work.

15. In Chapter 28, what does Ali worry his diplomatic reception guests will expect from him as a host?
(a) Belly dancers.
(b) Fire breathers.
(c) Eastern myths.
(d) A veiled wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who orders Nino to be taken home after Nachararyan tried to kidnap her?

2. Why does Arslan Aga leave Ali with a stack of paper and a pen?

3. What does Prince Kipiani want to happen to Nino after her attempted kidnapping?

4. In Chapter 24, what does Ali's uncle say about England?

5. After British troops leave Azerbaijan, who does Ali worry about coming in the country?

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