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Lev Nussimbaum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ali try to cover up the drums of Hussein?
(a) Because they are loud.
(b) Because they never stop.
(c) Because it goes against his religion.
(d) Because it upsets Nino.

2. Who is Ali named attaché to after Baku is liberated?
(a) The cabinet.
(b) The army general.
(c) The Foreign Minister.
(d) The Prime Minister.

3. What weapon does Ali use to fight the Russians in Chapter 29?
(a) A sword.
(b) A dagger.
(c) A machine gun.
(d) A cannon.

4. What does Arslan say Nino did to her dog?
(a) Gave it away.
(b) Starved it.
(c) Left it in the woods.
(d) Beat it.

5. Where does Nino say she plans to go when she is exiled for her mistake of leaving with Nachararyan?
(a) London.
(b) Paris.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Moscow.

6. After marrying Ali, how does Nino feel about Baku?
(a) She wants to move back.
(b) She wants to burn the village.
(c) She wants to visit.
(d) She does not want to move back.

7. Who tells Ali that Nachararyan has kidnapped Nino?
(a) Seyd Mustafa.
(b) Seinal Aga.
(c) Nachararyan himself.
(d) Safar Khan.

8. How does Ali feel when his male guests touch Nino's hands in Chapter 28?
(a) Love.
(b) Shame.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Pride.

9. After British troops leave Azerbaijan, who does Ali worry about coming in the country?
(a) India.
(b) France.
(c) Russia.
(d) Turkey.

10. What ritual is performed on the tenth of Moharram?
(a) A ritual of suffering.
(b) A ritual of friendship.
(c) A ritual of starvation.
(d) A ritual of love.

11. What does Ali do to the lizard he catches in Chapter 19?
(a) He eats it.
(b) He gives it to Arslan.
(c) He throws it.
(d) He releases it.

12. Who delivers news of Russians in the newly independent Baku?
(a) Iljas Beg.
(b) Safar Khan.
(c) Nino.
(d) Ali.

13. What does Ali's father tell him about Asia's borders in Chapter 22?
(a) They have won.
(b) They have been blurred.
(c) They have shifted.
(d) They have been strengthened.

14. Why are bodies buried in Kerbela?
(a) It is a holy town.
(b) It is nearest to the battle grounds.
(c) It has enough room.
(d) It is a peaceful place.

15. What does Iljas Beg say Ali represents in his death?
(a) The world.
(b) Hope.
(c) The Republic.
(d) Muslims.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Arslan Aga leave Ali with a stack of paper and a pen?

2. Why can't Nino attend the reception for Safar Khan in Shimran?

3. How does Ali's father describe Ali's early childhood years?

4. Nino says she wants her child to belong to _________.

5. According to Ali's uncle in Chapter 24, what "lightens the world"?

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