Daily Lessons for Teaching Ali & Nino

Lev Nussimbaum
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Objective: Chapters 1-3 Ali and his town of Baku are torn between Europe and Asia. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the emerging theme of Western vs. Eastern lifestyles.

1) Writing Assignment: In their journals, students should respond to the following prompt: How does Ali feel about his professor's challenge? Students should have an opportunity to share their responses with the class.

2) Class Discussion: Where is Baku? What makes Baku like Asia? What makes Baku like Europe? What does Ali compare Baku to? How is Baku like a kernel in a nut? What does Ail's house look like? How is Ali's house influenced by Asian traditions? Why does Ali prefer to eat with his hands? How does Ali describe using a knife and fork? Why does Ali like the influence of Western culture on Nino? How does Ali feel about Western culture in his life?

3) Pair...

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