Ali & Nino Fun Activities

Lev Nussimbaum
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Write a review of "Ali and Nino."


Create a 10-song list that could serve as a soundtrack to this novel. Include short reasons why each song is included.


Make a map of the area "Ali and Nino" covers. Mark where major events take place.


Write a biography for one of the characters in this novel.

Rules of War

Write a brochure covering the rules of war according to a character of your choosing.

Travel Agent

Plan a vacation that Ali and Nino can agree upon. Include details of their trip and why this vacation would be good for both of them.

Video Game

Turn "Ali and Nino" into a video game. What is the goal of the game? How does someone play it? Include screen shots of your game.

Comic Strip

Turn a scene of this novel into a comic strip.

City Planner


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