Ali & Nino Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lev Nussimbaum
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Chapters 1-3

* Ali attends a school in Baku. * Ali's culture is torn between Europe and Asia. * Ali likes Nino and plans on marrying her. * Ali struggles in history because he disagrees with his teacher. * Ali decides to go to Shusha for the summer.

Chapters 4-6

* Iljas Beg has a graduation party. * Ali goes to Susha and waits for Nino. * Ali and Nino are invited to Prince Dadiani's castle. * Ali proposes marriage to Nino. * Nino turns down Ali's marriage proposal because of religious differences, and she wants to finish school.

Chapters 7-9

* Ali realizes his love for Nino is different from traditional Asian love. * Ali decides Nino will still make a good wife, even if she is different. * War breaks out. * Many Asians jump into the war, excited to fight anyone. * Ali decides he does not want to fight the war. * Ali uses his second wish to avoid going...

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