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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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Short Answer Questions

1. In his spare time from work at the patent office, what does Einstein invent?

2. What impression does the reader have of Mileva's attitude toward her life during Chapter Six?

3. When Einstein first lectures on his theory in the US, he comments that, "It is all very simple." How does the audience respond?

4. Einstein moves his family into a small apartment to save money, and the children wake up covered in bites. What is biting them?

5. What reason does the author mention for why Mileva is unhappy in her marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Pauline Einstein. What kind of woman is she?

2. Why is Einstein asked not to return to the Luitpold Gymnasium?

3. Why does the author specifically mention that Einstein answers the strange boy on the porch in German?

4. Describe young Albert Einstein's feelings about school.

5. Describe Mileva Maritsch's frustrations with her marriage to Einstein. Is it Einstein with whom she is displeased, or something else?

6. Why is Einstein sometimes called the Newton of the twentieth century?

7. According to the author, why does young Einstein not fit in at his school?

8. Based on Einstein's dialogue with community members, what type of person does he seem to be in Chapter One?

9. Describe Mr. Einstein's appearance at the opening of the book.

10. Why does Einstein not enjoy giving interviews?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Not all of the results of Einstein's work are negative in the way that the atomic bomb is negative. Discuss three modern-day uses either related to or directly stemming from Einstein's work and possible future applications. Be sure to illustrate the relationship between Einstein's theory and modern theory clearly.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Einstein's relationship with Germany from his early days as a professor to his final days in America. How does the relationship change? How do the attitudes of the common people change? Is Einstein responsible in any way for his status, or is he purely a victim of circumstance?

Essay Topic 3

How does the reader reconcile Einstein's pacifism with his decision to become involved with the production of the atomic bomb? Aren't those two things mutually exclusive? Is Einstein a hypocrite, or is there a bigger picture to consider?

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