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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Einstein is very happy to travel to California as Chapter Eleven begins because he gets to meet ______________, one of his early inspirations.
(a) Michelson.
(b) Copernicus.
(c) Morley.
(d) Madame Curie.

2. Some members of the city council in Berlin oppose giving Einstein a gift. In exasperation, Einstein does what?
(a) Tries to have the opposition fired.
(b) Moves to Munich.
(c) Refuses the gift.
(d) Makes a speech about the council.

3. Einstein decides in Chapter Twelve that he sends a letter of resignation to the Academy at Berlin. What is the response?
(a) They see it as proof that Einstein is a Communist.
(b) They are saddened that he feels resignation necessary.
(c) They do not regret his resignation.
(d) They do not respond at all.

4. At the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, Einstein finally resumes his research on what?
(a) Photoelectric effect.
(b) Thermodynamic fluctuation.
(c) Relativity.
(d) Gravitational fields.

5. Einstein's peers feel he has what attitude toward his country during Chapter Nine?
(a) Hateful.
(b) Unpatriotic.
(c) Patriotic.
(d) Smug.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of California do the Einsteins NOT enjoy?

2. As the Einsteins prepare to return to California in 1932, Dr. Einstein tells his wife to take a long look at their house. Why?

3. Hitler claims that all BUT WHICH group causes Germany to lose World War I?

4. As Chapter Twelve ends, the Einsteins are once again headed for what country?

5. Mrs. Einstein is frightened and alarmed when she hears what report in Chapter Twelve?

Short Essay Questions

1. Einstein asks an American diplomat why the U.S. does not try to end Japan's aggressions in China with a boycott. Explain the diplomat's response and Einstein's feelings about the response.

2. Einstein brings national attention to Germany, so it seems logical that Hitler celebrates Einstein's success. This is not the case. Why?

3. Why is Einstein's international fame surprising?

4. Describe Einstein's attempts to help those less fortunate refugees in Chapter Thirteen.

5. Explain why Einstein, a former pacifist, agrees to speak to President Roosevelt about the creation of an atomic bomb.

6. What does Einstein's behavior after Elsa's death in Chapter Thirteen tell the reader about him? Is he insensitive?

7. Why is Hitler's persecution of Einstein as a Jew ironic? Explain.

8. Why is Einstein no longer a pacifist in Chapter Fourteen?

9. Explain Einstein's worries about the German Republic and his disturbing revelation in Marseilles.

10. Why is Einstein so enthused to meet Dr. Albert Michelson in California?

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