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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author mentions three ways Einstein behaves toward all admirers. Which of the following is NOT mentioned?
(a) He wins people with warmth and sincerity.
(b) He never tries to impress anyone.
(c) He is always himself.
(d) He speaks only to those he considers as smart as himself.

2. After Einstein becomes famous, the visitors coming to the house want a variety of things. Which of the following is NOT one of their demands?
(a) That he takes a better job.
(b) That he listens to theory/invention proposals.
(c) That he gives an autograph.
(d) That he grants an interview.

3. During Chapter Eight, Einstein tells his wife to pack as he intends to travel to which country?
(a) America.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) France.
(d) Sweden.

4. Einstein learns he is awarded what distinction at the end of Chapter Nine?
(a) National Medal of Science.
(b) International Leadership Award.
(c) Nobel Prize.
(d) MacArthur Genius Award.

5. Who is present when Einstein dies at the end of Chapter Fourteen?
(a) Maja.
(b) Elsa.
(c) Night nurse.
(d) Hans.

6. Toward the end of Chapter Thirteen, what happens to Elsa Einstein?
(a) She becomes very depressed.
(b) She is robbed while walking to the store.
(c) She decides to divorce her husband.
(d) She becomes very ill.

7. The author states that several French physicists give Einstein a cold reception in Chapter Eight. What reason does the author give for this?
(a) His German birth.
(b) His unkempt appearance.
(c) His inability to speak French.
(d) His crazy theories.

8. During the tour of Japan, Einstein's guide says that Einstein offends Japanese people. How?
(a) His lecture does not last four hours like the first.
(b) He does not greet the mayor appropriately.
(c) He does not put on a clean coat for the lecture.
(d) He does not bother to learn Japanese.

9. A major event takes place in Einstein's family in Chapter Ten. What is it?
(a) Pauline dies.
(b) Hermann loses his job.
(c) Elsa becomes ill.
(d) Margot gets married.

10. Einstein gives a gift to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Chapter Thirteen. What is the gift?
(a) Everything in his estate.
(b) The house he owns in Germany.
(c) An enormous amount of money.
(d) His original manuscripts on the relativity theory.

11. How long does it take Einstein to become a US citizen?
(a) Two years.
(b) Six months.
(c) Five years.
(d) Twenty years.

12. What is Mrs. Einstein's role in her husband's new fame?
(a) She dislikes the whole mess and usually stays in her room.
(b) She tries to keep visitors and letters manageable.
(c) She plays hostess to all their visitors.
(d) She is disgusted that he is not more interested in his fans.

13. After Einstein's meeting with the German consul, one of the staff says what about Einstein's decision not to return to Germany?
(a) He is worried about nothing.
(b) It is a wise decision.
(c) He is being selfish.
(d) It is a foolish decision.

14. Einstein is very happy to travel to California as Chapter Eleven begins because he gets to meet ______________, one of his early inspirations.
(a) Madame Curie.
(b) Michelson.
(c) Morley.
(d) Copernicus.

15. Einstein receives several gifts as he prepares to leave the US. What is his attitude toward these gifts?
(a) He believes he deserves them.
(b) He is puzzled.
(c) He thinks Americans are crazy.
(d) He doesn't like them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Elsa say about her memory of Einstein as a young boy?

2. With what aspect of New York is Einstein frustrated?

3. What is Einstein's favorite part about the job at the new university as Chapter Thirteen begins?

4. In what year does Einstein die?

5. Hitler claims that all BUT WHICH group causes Germany to lose World War I?

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