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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A boy in the coffee shop makes fun of Einstein as an absent-minded professor. How does the shop owner respond?
(a) He laughs and joins in on the joke.
(b) He throws the boy out of his shop.
(c) He reproves the boy and says Einstein is the smartest man in the world.
(d) He ignores the comment.

2. What is Einstein's attitude toward politics during Chapter Seven?
(a) He is involved for a long time.
(b) He is never interested.
(c) He finds it fascinating.
(d) He thinks it ridiculous.

3. During his tour of America, Einstein is beginning to have grave concerns about what situation at home in Germany?
(a) Growing national debt.
(b) Growing dropout rate.
(c) Growing militarism.
(d) Growing poverty.

4. Mileva decides to add to the household income by supplementing her husband's university job with income from what?
(a) Taking in boarders.
(b) Tutoring students.
(c) Giving piano lessons.
(d) Working in a factory.

5. Besides the honor of the award in Chapter Ten, Einstein also receives what?
(a) New professorship.
(b) Forty thousand dollars.
(c) Research grant.
(d) International acclaim.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of California do the Einsteins NOT enjoy?

2. Einstein's peers feel he has what attitude toward his country during Chapter Nine?

3. Bertrand Russell comments that "Everybody knows that Einstein does something astonishing...".

4. What is Mrs. Einstein's role in her husband's new fame?

5. The author states that several French physicists give Einstein a cold reception in Chapter Eight. What reason does the author give for this?

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