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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author states that several French physicists give Einstein a cold reception in Chapter Eight. What reason does the author give for this?
(a) His unkempt appearance.
(b) His German birth.
(c) His inability to speak French.
(d) His crazy theories.

2. During Chapter Eight, Einstein tells his wife to pack as he intends to travel to which country?
(a) America.
(b) Sweden.
(c) France.
(d) Jerusalem.

3. What does Einstein's famous formula mean?
(a) Energy equals motion times the speed of sound squared.
(b) Energy equals motion times the speed of light.
(c) Energy equals mass times the speed of sound cubed.
(d) Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

4. On his walk at the opening of Chapter One, who does Einstein NOT greet?
(a) Another professor.
(b) A young girl.
(c) His boss.
(d) The postman.

5. As Einstein grows older, he discovers that he enjoys a new hobby. What is it?
(a) Driving.
(b) Writing.
(c) Singing.
(d) Sailing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many students attend Einstein's first few lectures at the university in Chapter Six?

2. Whom does Hermann suggest his son ask about the compass?

3. What is the most important part of school for Einstein's multi-cultural friends at his new school?

4. Who becomes Einstein's second wife?

5. The title of Chapter Seven says that Einstein is sometimes called the _____________ of the Twentieth Century.

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