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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the last few pages of Chapter One, how long does Einstein say it takes for him to gain a world reputation?
(a) Almost overnight.
(b) A decade.
(c) Six months.
(d) Two years.

2. In Chapter Six, a friend offers Einstein three positions in Berlin. Which of the following is NOT offered?
(a) Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Berlin.
(b) University of Berlin.
(c) The Science Institute of Berlin.
(d) Prussian Academy of Sciences of Berlin.

3. The two American scientists, Michelson and Morley, are trying to measure the speed of what?
(a) Time.
(b) Comets.
(c) Sound.
(d) Light.

4. What reason does the author mention for why Mileva is unhappy in her marriage?
(a) Her children are badly behaved.
(b) Her husband never spends any time with her.
(c) She has to keep house and has no time for learning.
(d) She no longer loves her husband.

5. During Chapter Two, Albert tells his father that he wants something specific for his upcoming birthday. What is it?
(a) A chemistry set.
(b) A compass.
(c) A baseball bat.
(d) A horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Hermann suggest his son ask about the compass?

2. Einstein meets Mileva Maritsch at his new school. On what do they spend most of their time?

3. What is the most important part of school for Einstein's multi-cultural friends at his new school?

4. At the time this story takes place, Einstein is living in what country?

5. At the opening of the book, what is the name of the street on which Einstein is walking?

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