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Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Einstein feel about Mileva's ambitions?
(a) He thinks she should focus more on housework.
(b) He thinks she is brilliant and enjoys her company.
(c) He thinks she is beautiful and charming.
(d) He thinks she is dumb and dislikes talking to her.

2. At the opening of the book, what is the name of the street on which Einstein is walking?
(a) Mercer Street.
(b) Melbourne Street.
(c) Munich Street.
(d) MC Square.

3. When Einstein first lectures on his theory in the US, he comments that, "It is all very simple." How does the audience respond?
(a) Bursts into laughter.
(b) Gets up and leaves the lecture hall.
(c) Begins shouting at him.
(d) Stares at him silently.

4. What reason does Albert give when asked why he doesn't ask his teachers questions?
(a) They don't like him.
(b) Other kids make fun of him when he asks.
(c) His teachers don't know the answers.
(d) He hates school.

5. Mrs. Einstein thinks her son should have what when he turns six?
(a) Music lessons.
(b) Math lessons.
(c) History lessons.
(d) Speech lessons.

Short Answer Questions

1. Einstein moves his family into a small apartment to save money, and the children wake up covered in bites. What is biting them?

2. In Chapter Six, a friend offers Einstein three positions in Berlin. Which of the following is NOT offered?

3. In 1905, why don't other scientists know whether or not Einstein is correct?

4. According to Chapter One, what odd experience does Einstein have in Germany before he leaves?

5. Albert's mother usually lets him stay up late to listen to music, but tonight she sends him to bed. Why?

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