Objects & Places from Albert Einstein

Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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Ulm and Munich, Germany

Einstein spends his childhood in these places. His father moves to one of them in order for young Einstein to have the best possible education.

Swiss Federal Polytechnic School (Zurich, Switzerland)

Einstein graduates from this institution where he also meets his first wife. He is eventually invited back as a professor.

State Patent Office (Berne, Switzerland)

Einstein publishes his theoretical papers while working for this organization.

University of Zurich, University of Prague (Switzerland and the current Czech Republic)

Einstein receives his first academic jobs at these institutions. He serves as a lecturer and then an assistant professor at one, and is then offered a full professorship at another.

Prussian Academy of Sciences, University of Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (Berlin, Germany)

Max Planck offers Einstein academic positions at these institutions; he keeps the jobs for 20 years. He resigns from them only after Hitler comes to...

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