Albert Einstein Fun Activities

Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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Create a 3D recreation of Einstein's Mercer Street. Include the people with whom he speaks and the places mentioned in Chapter One, and don't forget to include Einstein!

There are many photographs of Einstein in circulation, but not many representations of him in other mediums. Pick an artistic medium (paint, charcoal, sculpture, etc.) and bring Einstein to life.

Mileva's Plight

Dress up as Mileva Maritsch and give a soliloquy detailing her unhappiness. The speech should address her frustrations with life, her spouse, and with being a housewife in general. Students should draw upon knowledge of her character to create a realistic portrait for the class.

Theory Brought to Life

Pick a creative way to illustrate Einstein's theory. Be sure to explain how the illustration is relevant!

A Famous Father

Write a skit where Einstein's children discuss what it's like to be a famous man's kids...

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