Albert Einstein Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elma Ehrlich Levinger
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Chapter 1

• Einstein is introduced and the reader learns about his character.

• The reader discovers that Einstein is kind, friendly, helpful, and well respected in his community.
• A young man is waiting for Einstein on his porch; the secretary refuses to admit the man.

• The young man wants an interview.

• Einstein eventually grants the interview because the man is a refugee; Einstein pities him.
• Einstein describes a few early childhood memories from Munich, which sets up the time period for Chapter Two.

Chapter 2

• Chapter Two opens in Einstein's early childhood and his parents, Hermann and Pauline Einstein, are introduced.

• Einstein's parents are waiting for him to come in for dinner; the reader learns that punctuality and awareness are not Einstein's strong points.
• Einstein's parents are amused by the child's interest in the toy compass on Hermann Einstein's watch chain.

• Einstein asks endless questions about the purpose of the compass...

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