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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jeb and Poley Markham find in the water that Jeb wanted to keep?
(a) Salmon.
(b) Turtle.
(c) Whales.
(d) Walrus.

2. What did the men find in Nome?
(a) Oil.
(b) Platinum.
(c) Gold.
(d) Silver.

3. What did Shaffer say they had to build?
(a) Their own airplane.
(b) A larger business.
(c) A road across Canada.
(d) A bigger boat.

4. Who worked on the construction of the business?
(a) Chinese workers from San Francisco.
(b) Bigears and his Indian friends.
(c) Chinese workers from the Orient.
(d) Russian workers.

5. Whose war ships were spotted near the Aleutians in June of 1942?
(a) Canada's.
(b) America's.
(c) Japan's.
(d) Russia's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What position did the Tinglits hold business-wise?

2. When was the business operational?

3. What was Tom Venn 's last year at Pleiades Glacier?

4. Where did Ah Ting go?

5. What brought more people to Alaska in 1973?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the dangers the characters in Chapter 8 faced?

2. How was discrimination shown to the natives?

3. What was the political system like in Chapter 9?

4. Why did the natives feel betrayed?

5. How were native Alaskans treated by the United States government?

6. How did Tom, Missy, and Tammy feel about the statehood of Alaska?

7. What types of jobs did people have in Chapter 8 thanks to the gold rush?

8. What was the effect of automation on the workers?

9. What effect did the gold rush have on Alaska?

10. What effect did cabotage have on businesses and individuals?

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