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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Custom House revenues at Sitka after the Americans took control of Alaska?
(a) They stayed the same.
(b) They increased dramatically.
(c) The dropped.
(d) They steadily increased.

2. Varnak's people wandered for how many years?
(a) 19.
(b) 40.
(c) 25.
(d) 3.

3. What strengthened the relationship between Rudenko and Baranov?
(a) Polar bear hunting.
(b) Sailing together.
(c) Working together.
(d) Time in prayer.

4. What did the Eskimos hunt?
(a) Lions.
(b) Mammoth.
(c) Whales and other sea animals.
(d) Wolf.

5. How many Ice Ages were there?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) One.
(d) Six.

Short Answer Questions

1. Trofkins team came from all the countries listed except for __________.

2. Where did the Eskimos originate?

3. How did the Tlingits respond when they saw the help arrive?

4. When Russian boats returned two years later, they found the settlement was __________.

5. Who departed Alaska in 1877?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the mastodon related to the elephant?

2. How did illness change the course of history for Trofin?

3. How was Cidaq treated in Chapter 5?

4. How did Chapter 4 highlight some of the cruelty involved in the fur trade business?

5. Where did the animals come from and go to in Chapter 2?

6. How did the ice age affect the land that was to become Alaska?

7. What was so important about the shifting of the geological plates?

8. How were the natives perceived by the Russians?

9. How did the rum trading affect the Tlingits?

10. What did the Tlingits want in Chapter 7?

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