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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did they set up the new business?
(a) In a cave.
(b) A few miles from Juneau.
(c) On Taku Inlet.
(d) Next to the store.

2. What was life like for the Matanuska settlers?
(a) Rewarding as they brought in the gold.
(b) Very harsh.
(c) Easy.
(d) Entertaining.

3. The Venns helped rescue survivors of _________.
(a) An avalanche.
(b) A massive snowstorm.
(c) Cholera.
(d) A tidal wave.

4. What is cabotage?
(a) When a ship delivered too much cargo at a port.
(b) When a ship lacked a good supply of vegetables.
(c) When a ship had too many vegetables so they rotted.
(d) When a ship that delivered to a port could not take on cargo and passengers.

5. Whom did Nancy marry?
(a) Tom Venn.
(b) Ah Ting.
(c) Malcolm Ross.
(d) Matt Murphy.

6. When was the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) enacted?
(a) 1955.
(b) 1971.
(c) 1938.
(d) 1969.

7. Where did Kendra and Jeb go with the locals?
(a) Shopping.
(b) To the forest.
(c) On a whaling expedition.
(d) On a factory tour.

8. What happened to many of the men during the walk in the Yukon?
(a) They turned against each other and split.
(b) They became ill.
(c) They became very close friends.
(d) They died.

9. What did LeRoy do after the war?
(a) Retired.
(b) Managed a factory.
(c) Became a bush pilot.
(d) Repaired engines.

10. What position did the Tinglits hold business-wise?
(a) They were kept completely away from any business.
(b) They were an integral part of decision making.
(c) They held small jobs such as moving boxes.
(d) They were the chief officers in the business.

11. Where did Nancy take Tom?
(a) To a play.
(b) To a cave.
(c) To her house.
(d) Swimming.

12. How was Elmer injured?
(a) By an attack dog.
(b) By a falling crate.
(c) In a construction accident.
(d) By a Bullet.

13. Where did Tom spend Christmas?
(a) Pleiades Glacier.
(b) Ketchikan.
(c) Seattle.
(d) Nome.

14. How did Elmer Flatch contribute to the war effort?
(a) Building highways.
(b) Aviation.
(c) Foot soldier.
(d) Navy.

15. What did others think of the Venns?
(a) They were arrogent.
(b) They were hard workers.
(c) They were friendly but slow.
(d) They were lazy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Lieutenant Maxim Voronov fly around?

2. Where did Tom and his mother live at Lake Bennett?

3. Why did Jeb decide to stay in Alaska?

4. Who worked on the construction of the business?

5. Who came to Alaska as a result of the Alaskan Code?

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