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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Lieutenant Maxim Voronov fly around?
(a) To visit friends.
(b) To see where his ancestors had been.
(c) To test the safety of the planes.
(d) To check out the factories.

2. What did Tom do after his mother moved in with John Klope?
(a) He set off for the mines.
(b) He opened a branch of a general store.
(c) He ran away.
(d) He went panning for gold.

3. The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act did all the following except __________.
(a) Set up a thirteenth corporation was for Alaskans living outside the state.
(b) Set up a corporation for individuals with more wealth than the others.
(c) Set up provisions regarding sales and taxes.
(d) Set up twelve regional corporations with the shares owned by natives.

4. Who came to Alaska as a result of the Alaskan Code?
(a) More prospectors.
(b) Medics.
(c) Judges.
(d) Fishermen.

5. What happened to the Montreal Queen?
(a) It brought more business.
(b) It was crushed by a tidal wave.
(c) It was gunned down.
(d) It sank in a storm.

6. By 1919, what happened to Ross and Raglan?
(a) It had facilities in most Alaskan cities.
(b) It went bankrupt.
(c) It was slowly collapsing.
(d) It appeared stagnant.

7. Where did Tom Venn open a Ross and Raglan store in 1902?
(a) Klondike.
(b) Juneau.
(c) Yucutan.
(d) Nome.

8. Where was Carmack's field located?
(a) Bonanza.
(b) Yucutan.
(c) Klondike.
(d) Talak.

9. What happened when Sam went to fish in the river?
(a) A warden told him he couldn't.
(b) He caught so many fish his nets broke.
(c) He was swept out into the water.
(d) He couldn't find any fish.

10. Where did Kendra and Jeb go with the locals?
(a) On a factory tour.
(b) On a whaling expedition.
(c) To the forest.
(d) Shopping.

11. What did the lobbyist favor?
(a) Native legislation.
(b) International rulings.
(c) Pro-American legislation.
(d) Deferment to the senior managers.

12. What brought 295 Minnesotans to Matanuska in 1935?
(a) The excitement of fishing for salmon.
(b) A government program during the Great Depression.
(c) The opening of a school.
(d) The thrill of seeking gold.

13. Where did they set up the new business?
(a) In a cave.
(b) Next to the store.
(c) On Taku Inlet.
(d) A few miles from Juneau.

14. What did Shaffer say they had to build?
(a) A road across Canada.
(b) A bigger boat.
(c) A larger business.
(d) Their own airplane.

15. Who worked on the construction of the business?
(a) Chinese workers from San Francisco.
(b) Russian workers.
(c) Chinese workers from the Orient.
(d) Bigears and his Indian friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to their business?

2. Who came to check out the cannery?

3. How did Nate Coop contribute to the war effort?

4. When was the Alaskan Code enacted?

5. What was the investigation team studying?

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