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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, pgs. 802 - 868.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Russian boats returned two years later, they found the settlement was __________.
(a) Destroyed.
(b) Greatly expanded.
(c) Thriving.
(d) Struggling.

2. What was happening to the fur trade?
(a) It was very lucrative.
(b) It was opening doors for other types of trading.
(c) It remained constant.
(d) It was disappearing rapidly.

3. What happened to the Montreal Queen?
(a) It sank in a storm.
(b) It was crushed by a tidal wave.
(c) It brought more business.
(d) It was gunned down.

4. What is a peninsula?
(a) A pathway through the mountains.
(b) A crater near the water.
(c) An island very close to a large land mass.
(d) A piece of land that is connected to the mainland by an isthmus.

5. What did the federal government investigations discover?
(a) The industry was thriving thanks to the united efforts of the natives and the others.
(b) The thirteen corporations had been badly mismanaged.
(c) he thirteen corporations had been brilliantly managed.
(d) There was a push for growth and collaboration.

Short Answer Questions

1. Varnak's descendants who traveled south to Arizona and became Navajo Indians were known as _________.

2. Rick and Afansi became part of what group?

3. Where did Kendra and Jeb go with the locals?

4. What happened to many of the men during the walk in the Yukon?

5. What formed over time?

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