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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, pgs. 683-737.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal did they hunt for food and other purposes when they reached their destination?
(a) Mammoth.
(b) Wolf.
(c) Lions.
(d) Beaver.

2. What did the sun do in the winter?
(a) It was the same as in the summer.
(b) It stayed low in the sky for six months.
(c) It disappeared.
(d) It stayed high in the sky for six months.

3. What was Judge Grant like?
(a) He demanded that everyone follow every aspect of the law.
(b) He was corrupt.
(c) He was honest.
(d) He cared about people.

4. Where did Ah Ting go?
(a) To talk with Bigears.
(b) To California
(c) To China
(d) To the Philippines

5. What was a result of the Jones Act of 1920?
(a) More products for trade.
(b) Fewer products for trade.
(c) Lower shipping costs for users.
(d) Higher shipping costs for users.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alaska was joined to what land mass during the Ice Age?

2. What was LeRoy's rank after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

3. Varnak's people wandered for how many years?

4. What job did Mrs. Caldwell have?

5. How many Ice Ages were there?

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