Objects & Places from Alaska

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Beringia - This was a land bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska.

Vologda - This is a town in Eastern Russia where Peter the Great had a palace.

The Aleutian Islands - These are located in the waters between Siberia and Alaska.

Kodiak - This is an island in Three Saints Harbor located on the southern side of Alaska.

The Pribilof Islands - Located at the junction of the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean, these are known as the Seal Islands.

Sitka - This is an island in Three Saints Harbor. It is home to the Tlingit Indians.

Irkutsk - This is a city in central Russia near the Lena River.

Desolation Point - This is on the northern coast of Alaska on the Arctic Ocean.

Bonanza - This is a place on the Klondike River. It was the site of a big gold find.


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