Alaska Character Descriptions

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Trofin Zhdanko - This character was a Cossack sentenced to hang for killing the governor.

Cidaq - This character, who was sold to Russian fur traders, was the great-grandchild of the Old One on Lopak Island.

Missy Peckham - This character moved from Chicago to Alaska. Ironically, as an Alaskan statehood supporter, this character died on the day Alaska became the forty-ninth state.

Aleksandr Baraov - This character was an Irkutsk businessperson who had a glass factory. Later, this person became the representative of a fur trading company.

Tom Venn - This character moved from Chicago to Alaska as a teenager with fugitive parents. The character opened a general store and eventually a series of salmon canneries and made the business one of the biggest business entities.

Sheldon Jackson - This character was a missionary of the Presbyterian Church and a graduate of Princeton Theological who lobbied...

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