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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

• Approximately 1,000,000,000 years ago, the northwest corner of what was going to become North America developed a landmass that would eventually become Alaska.

• Geological plates shifted, and the peninsula formed with a land bridge from Asia to Alaska.

• The land bridge disappeared underwater.

• Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and shifting plates formed mountains and lakes.

Chapter 2

• Ice and snow created glaciers.

• The glaciers moved and melted.

• A landmass joined Alaska and Siberia.

• Animals migrated to and from Alaska, adapting to their environment.

Chapter 3

• Varnak's family left Siberia and crossed the land bridge due to a lack of food.

• They stayed in Alaska and didn't return to Siberia.

• Oogruk hunted whale in Siberia, but he lost the whale he was after.

• Oogruk and his men landed in a strange place where they ran out of food and water.

• A man wanted Oogruk's wife, so he moved his family to Alaska.

• Azazruk...

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