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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of daily routine does Florence have?
(a) she has no routine
(b) a chaotic one
(c) one that does not vary
(d) one that changes on Mondays and Thursdays

2. What does Lib tell Randy when she comes over after he gets home from the store?
(a) she wants to set him up on a blind date
(b) she likes his dog
(c) she has made a decision about him
(d) he is a little dumb, but nice

3. How do Russia and NATO feel about the Mediterranean?
(a) it's strategically critical
(b) it has no real value
(c) it's too rich
(d) it needs to be divided up

4. What does Mark tell Randy about his family?
(a) their birthdays
(b) their social security numbers
(c) how they are doing
(d) when they are arriving from Omaha

5. What does Randy hear when he is awakened from his bed shaking?
(a) Helen screaming
(b) long deep rumble
(c) the children fighting
(d) Florence yelling at his dog

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Randy driving to meet up with his brother Mark?

2. What does Florence tell Alice about Randy?

3. Who calls Randy on the morning when the book begins?

4. What does Mark tell Helen to do?

5. What does James Cobb fire at from his plane?

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