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Pat Frank
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mark do when he arrives at McCoy?
(a) he talks to Paul and Randy
(b) asks to spend time alone with Randy
(c) leaves his family with Randy
(d) switches planes

2. Why is Bubba Offenhaus head of civil defense?
(a) he owns the only ambulances
(b) he is an engineer
(c) he is ex-military
(d) he is ex-CIA

3. What does Dan do when Randy tells him about Mark's premonition?
(a) kills himself
(b) decides to go to the city and get surgigal instruments
(c) gets drunk
(d) writes war prescriptions

4. What does Lib tell Randy when she comes over after he gets home from the store?
(a) she likes his dog
(b) she wants to set him up on a blind date
(c) he is a little dumb, but nice
(d) she has made a decision about him

5. How do Russia and NATO feel about the Mediterranean?
(a) it's strategically critical
(b) it's too rich
(c) it needs to be divided up
(d) it has no real value

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Randy see lines of cars as he drives into town?

2. What is a significant difference between war a few years ago and now?

3. Who calls Randy on the morning when the book begins?

4. How does McCoy Airbase seem to Randy?

5. Who is Edgar Quisenberry?

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