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Gennifer Choldenko
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Moose worry so much about his sister?
(a) She is mentally challenged.
(b) She is easily scared.
(c) She is sick.
(d) She loves him.

2. What is Moose never supposed to talk about with people off the island?
(a) The warden.
(b) Their life.
(c) The rules.
(d) Al Capone.

3. Who tells Moose where to get a prison ball?
(a) Piper.
(b) The Warden.
(c) Jimmy.
(d) Theresa.

4. Where do the inmates play ball?
(a) In the cafeteria.
(b) In the entry hall.
(c) On the shore.
(d) By the gates.

5. What did Moose's father do with Natalie on their first morning in the new home?
(a) Watched cartoons.
(b) Cooked breakfast.
(c) Went for a walk.
(d) Read a story.

6. What stops Moose from thinking about what people wanted Mother to do with Natalie?
(a) His father comes home.
(b) He learns of his meeting with the warden.
(c) He gets a phone call.
(d) He hears Natalie laughing.

7. Why is Natalie not allowed to stay at the school?
(a) She is too young.
(b) She is too old.
(c) She is not ready.
(d) She is too sick.

8. Why does Mr. Purdy talk to Moose instead of his parents?
(a) All of these.
(b) His father is sleeping.
(c) He answers the phone.
(d) His mother is out.

9. How does Natalie get distracted to get to her new school?
(a) The birds are mimiced.
(b) A book index is read wrong.
(c) A song is sung.
(d) The trees are counted.

10. What is Mother having her hair done for?
(a) A reunion.
(b) A party.
(c) A ball.
(d) A picture.

11. What does Scout ask for in return for a favor?
(a) A convict ball.
(b) A play date.
(c) A shirt washed by Capone.
(d) A study partner.

12. What does Mr. Purdy tell Moose?
(a) His father has another job offer.
(b) He needs to change schools.
(c) Their car lights are on.
(d) Natalie must be picked up immediately.

13. What is Moose's last name?
(a) Flinterton.
(b) Flanner.
(c) Flaereghty.
(d) Flannagan.

14. What is special about Annie?
(a) She has a broken arm.
(b) She is from England.
(c) She can throw a ball.
(d) She has a relative in Alcatraz.

15. Why does Natalie get in her swimsuit?
(a) Because her clothes are all dirty.
(b) Because it is hot.
(c) Because Moose is in his swim trunks.
(d) Because her clothes are all too small.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moose not like about the person who shows him around the island?

2. What does Natalie have to take to get to her new school?

3. Why can't Natalie wear her swimsuit outside?

4. What does Moose talk about with students when he can't think of what to say?

5. What caused Natalie to have to come home?

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