Al Capone Does My Shirts Short Essay - Answer Key

Gennifer Choldenko
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1. What is Alcatraz?

Alcatraz is an island with a famous prison on it. It is in the San Francisco Bay, and was only in service from the years of 1934 - 1963.

2. Why does Moose go to Alcatraz?

Moose and his family live on Alcatraz because his father got a very coveted job as an electrician and prison guard there.

3. What is wrong with Natalie?

Natalie has some emotional and mental delays that keep her trapped in her body. From the mannerisms described in the book like fast counting and being prone to over-stimulation, it sounds like she is Autistic.

4. What does Moose like about Theresa when they first meet?

When Moose first meets Theresa, he likes that she is so accepting of Natalie even though it is very obvious that she has some learning delays.

5. Why did Moose's mom want to move so badly?

Moose's mother was motivated to move her family across the country because she wanted to be near a special school in San Francisco that works with children with disabilities like Natalie.

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