Objects & Places from Al Capone Does My Shirts

Gennifer Choldenko
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Snitch Box - This is a metal detector that visitors to and residents of Moose's new house must walk to in order to gain access to the island and/or prison.

Box of Buttons - This is Natalie's item, and is often the only thing that soothes her in her hysterics.

Laundry Bags - Piper uses these in a scheme to make money.

Convict Ball - Moose spends a great deal of time searching for one of these to give to his friend Scout.

Letter to Capone - Moose writes this asking him to use his influence to get Natalie into a special school.

Note from Capone - Moose finds this in a shirt laundered in the prison laundry.

Frank M. Coxe - This is the name of the old army steamship used to transport people to Moose's new home.

Golden Gate Bridge - This is being...

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