Al Capone Does My Shirts Fun Activities

Gennifer Choldenko
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Game Time

Have the students each create a game that enhances the player's knowledge of the book. Have a scheduled day to play all of these games together.

Guest Speaker

Have a guest speaker come to class who has either suffered from Autism, or who has a close connection with someone who suffers from Autism. Have them speak about the disability and its affect on people's lives. Tell the students to prepare for this guest by writing down some intelligent questions for them.

News Parallels

Have the students bring in an article from the newspaper that has a story that reminds them of something that happens in the book.


Organize a fundraiser with the students, and donate the funds from this fundraiser to a facility or a charity that works with Autistic children such as Natalie.

Dust Jackets

Create a dust jacket for this book. Have the...

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