Al Capone Does My Shirts Character Descriptions

Gennifer Choldenko
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Matthew Moose Flanagan

This character is a twelve-year-old boy when his family moves from Santa Monica to Alcatraz Island off of San Francisco.

Natalie Flanagan

This character has temper tantrums and she does not communicate properly with anyone.

Cam Flanagan

This character is an electrician who has taken a job as both electrician and prison guard on Alcatraz Island, where there is a new federal prison.

Mrs. Flanagan

This character is fighting to help her daughter, determined to never see her in a mental asylum.

Piper Williams

This character is a strong, determined young woman who is always coming up with schemes to use her home on Alcatraz to her advantage.

Mrs. Carrie Kelly

This character is a therapist that the headmaster of the Esther P. Marinoff School.

Theresa Mattaman

This character is only seven, but she is bossy enough to force older kids to do what she...

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