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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are ghommids?
(a) Fashionable shoes that schoolchildren wear.
(b) Mystical fruits that grant immortality.
(c) Gifts provided to the parents of a woman of marriageable age.
(d) Forest creatures which hunt for children.

2. What is an "oro"?
(a) A nature spirit.
(b) A type of Nigerian currency.
(c) A flat shoe.
(d) A tribal tattoo.

3. What is the teacher's reaction to young Wole coming to school uninvited at the beginning of Chapter 2?
(a) The teacher says Wole is welcome anytime.
(b) The teacher makes use of him by having him cut the grass.
(c) The teacher is angered, and has a long talk with Essay.
(d) The teacher is so amused, Wole is asked to teach the day's lesson.

4. In Chapter 1, how is Uncle Sanya cured of his spirit possession?
(a) Uncle Sanya is taken to a high mountain, where the spirits cannot reach.
(b) The offending spirits are given food to placate them.
(c) Uncle Sanya is confined in a hut for 2 months.
(d) Uncle Sanya is drained of a pint of blood.

5. What "bad habit" does Wole admit to in Chapter 4?
(a) Dipping his fingers in the Wash-Hand Basin.
(b) Sloppiness while eating a pomegranate fruit.
(c) Crossing his heart for no reason when crossing the street.
(d) Making a loud clucking sound with his tongue at inappropriate times.

Short Answer Questions

1. What action taken by the drunken soldier in Chapter 8 enrages Wole?

2. How does Wole get his first look at the world outside the parsonage's walls in Chapter 3?

3. What trick does Essay play on Wole with a light bulb in Chapter 8?

4. What is the phrase Wole uses to describe the odor in Wild Christian's room?

5. Why does Paa Adatan wear a belt of amulets?

Short Essay Questions

1. What trouble does You-Mean-Mayself cause the household? How is he finally removed from the house?

2. What is unusual about Bukola? What does Wole think about her behavior?

3. Describe the legend that Wole recounts in which Wild Christian and Uncle Sanya get in trouble with a ghommid.

4. Describe the solution accomplished for ridding Uncle Sanya of his oro spirit?

5. Describe the incident in which Paa Adatan confronts Bote troops.

6. What is the origin of the Jonah rock?

7. How does Wole react when he is jealous of sister Tinu's attending school in Chapter 2?

8. Describe the death of Wole's baby sister in Chapter 7. How does Wole react to the death?

9. Why, at the end of Chapter 8, is Wole's younger brother Dipo renamed Femi?

10. Describe the "see-saw" accident that Wole gets into with Osiki.

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