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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chapter 10, how might Wole characterize his life as a child?
(a) Tainted by Western influence.
(b) Depressing.
(c) Simple and good.
(d) Complicated and frenetic.

2. What inspires Kemberi to give a speech in Chapter 13?
(a) A mudslide had caused sanitation problems in the town.
(b) A young orphan died from starvation.
(c) A woman was raped by a policeman.
(d) Women were forced to pay exorbitant taxes on goods.

3. What is kasada?
(a) A large, fleshy melon.
(b) Crayfish stew.
(c) Wole's dismissive term for all Western influences.
(d) Coconut cake.

4. What is the name of Wole's grammar school?
(a) Daodu International.
(b) Ake Femi.
(c) Odemo.
(d) Abeokuta.

5. In Chapter 12, why does Wee-Wee punish a boy with several dozen lashings?
(a) The boy stole Wole's school supplies.
(b) The boy caused unnecessary alarm by claiming there was a fire.
(c) The boy got a girl pregnant.
(d) The boy hit a teacher.

6. What position does the Alake have?
(a) The Alake is the local governor.
(b) The Alake is principal of the grammar school.
(c) The Alake is the president of Nigeria.
(d) The Alake is the mayor of Ake.

7. What town is Essay from, originally?
(a) Isara.
(b) London.
(c) Ake.
(d) Cape Town.

8. In Chapter 9, how does Broda Pupa get a snake out of a tree?
(a) He charms the snake with a flute.
(b) He runs a car into the tree.
(c) He shakes the tree.
(d) He flings rocks at it until it drops down.

9. Who visits Ake at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) Ibara.
(b) Father.
(c) A strange medicine man.
(d) Odemo.

10. What is the name of the market Wole travels through on the way to choir practice?
(a) Egungun.
(b) Kasada.
(c) Ibarapa.
(d) Ogiri.

11. What happens at the end of Wee-Wee's lashing of a boy in Chapter 12?
(a) The teachers stop Wee-Wee from doing any more harm to the boy.
(b) Wee-Wee has second thoughts, and only delivers half of the lashings.
(c) Wee-Wee is weak, and by the last lash he is exhausted.
(d) The students applause Wee-Wee for his rigorous lashing.

12. What is Daodu's other name?
(a) Alake.
(b) Aduni Mo.
(c) Da Pelumo.
(d) Reverend A.O. Ransome-Kuti.

13. Why does Beere travel to England in Chapter 13?
(a) Because a friend in need is in London.
(b) To see Big Ben and other landmarks.
(c) To escape arrest.
(d) To advocate for the country's needs.

14. What is wrong with the man whom Wole and Broda Pupa encounter in Chapter 9 upon returning from the farm?
(a) The man had been stung countless times by bees.
(b) The man had been murdered, and has a dagger sticking out from his chest.
(c) The man is running from a murderous gang.
(d) The man has terrible stomach pains.

15. As expressed in Chapter 15, what school rule does Daodu believe is racist?
(a) The ironic "Equal Opportunity" rule.
(b) The "no outside food" rule.
(c) The "quiet" rule.
(d) The "no pockets" rule.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Alake summon to his residence in response to the women's protest?

2. What does Wole refuse to do in Odemo's palace that causes much commotion?

3. What is tinko?

4. What is a "beater" as Wole describes it in Chapter 9?

5. How do the women mock the Alake at the beginning of Chapter 15?

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