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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the mob violence at the Alake compound last?
(a) A year.
(b) A day.
(c) A month.
(d) A week.

2. What form does the ghommid take when it chases Uncle Sanya in Chapter 1?
(a) A giant fireball.
(b) An ogre.
(c) The Devil.
(d) A storm cloud.

3. Who does the Alake summon to his residence in response to the women's protest?
(a) Local chiefs.
(b) His spiritual adviser.
(c) The British military.
(d) Essay.

4. What contradiction does Wole see in Daodu?
(a) An educated man who nonetheless believes in corporal punishment.
(b) A huge man who nonetheless possesses a thin, soft voice.
(c) A man who boasts about his intelligence, but always displays stupidity.
(d) A man who preaches justice but always plays favorites.

5. At the end of Chapter 10, what is the status of Sorowanke?
(a) She is driven from the town, but the city elders record her tale for posterity.
(b) She becomes the owner of a successful coconut cake shop.
(c) She settles down and raises a family.
(d) She is driven from the town and forgotten.

6. What is wrong with the man whom Wole and Broda Pupa encounter in Chapter 9 upon returning from the farm?
(a) The man is running from a murderous gang.
(b) The man has terrible stomach pains.
(c) The man had been murdered, and has a dagger sticking out from his chest.
(d) The man had been stung countless times by bees.

7. What best describes Kemberi's oratorical style?
(a) Rational.
(b) Rambling.
(c) Fiery.
(d) Soft-spoken.

8. On a trip to Broda Pupa's farm, which is NOT one of the activities Wole participates in?
(a) Hoe farmland.
(b) Gather fruits.
(c) Milk a cow.
(d) Have a feast of snake meat.

9. Why does Sorowanke leave her home in Chapter 10?
(a) She wins the local lottery and buys a house.
(b) She is beaten by her boyfriend.
(c) Children pelt her with sticks and stones.
(d) She claims to hear a voice from God ordering her to travel.

10. In Chapter 14, how does Wild Christian come to the aid of a local chief?
(a) She gives him money after his belt pouch was stolen.
(b) She hides him so he is not beaten by the mob.
(c) She testifies in his defense at trial.
(d) She helps him to read a letter from the British government.

11. What secret promise does Beere make with Wole at the end of the book?
(a) Beere will send Wole packages of his favorite food -- pounded yams.
(b) Beere will get Wole shoes.
(c) Beere will send Wole additional money.
(d) Beere will continue to give Wole news about the protest movement.

12. What is Daodu's other name?
(a) Aduni Mo.
(b) Alake.
(c) Reverend A.O. Ransome-Kuti.
(d) Da Pelumo.

13. What best characterizes Wee-Wee's handling of the grammar school?
(a) Uncertain.
(b) Lenient.
(c) Admirable.
(d) Corrupt.

14. Why is Wole disappointed when he reaches Isara in Chapter 9?
(a) He was promised an elephant statue from a trader, but he never got it.
(b) Wole does not receive any presents from Father.
(c) The town is provincial and unsanitary.
(d) Isara is full of rich snobs who look down upon his family.

15. What does the derogatory term "agb'eyin-to" refer to?
(a) Women.
(b) Westernized Africans.
(c) White men.
(d) Traitors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the concerns Daodu voices about the Government College?

2. What is the primary demand of the women's group when they organize a protest march?

3. How is Beere received when she returns from England?

4. What best describes Daodu?

5. What does Wole consider his "sanctuary" in Chapter 9 while staying in Isara?

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