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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On a trip to Broda Pupa's farm, which is NOT one of the activities Wole participates in?
(a) Milk a cow.
(b) Gather fruits.
(c) Hoe farmland.
(d) Have a feast of snake meat.

2. What are Wole's future plans for Mrs. Odufuwa?
(a) He plans to ask her to be his new mother.
(b) He plans to marry her.
(c) He plans to hit her for humiliating him.
(d) He plans to bring her to Isara.

3. What happens at the end of Wee-Wee's lashing of a boy in Chapter 12?
(a) The teachers stop Wee-Wee from doing any more harm to the boy.
(b) The students applause Wee-Wee for his rigorous lashing.
(c) Wee-Wee is weak, and by the last lash he is exhausted.
(d) Wee-Wee has second thoughts, and only delivers half of the lashings.

4. At the end of Chapter 8, who runs away from Ake?
(a) Dipo.
(b) Osiki.
(c) Wild Christian.
(d) Wole.

5. At the end of Chapter 7, why does Wild Christian pray for Wole?
(a) She prays that he is not possessed by the Devil.
(b) She prays he will get a college education.
(c) She prays for his health.
(d) She prays he will be rich some day.

6. What is Beere's relationship to Daodu?
(a) They are not related.
(b) Cousin.
(c) Wife.
(d) Sister.

7. According to Chapter 10, how might Wole characterize his life as a child?
(a) Complicated and frenetic.
(b) Depressing.
(c) Simple and good.
(d) Tainted by Western influence.

8. Who visits Ake at the beginning of Chapter 9?
(a) A strange medicine man.
(b) Odemo.
(c) Ibara.
(d) Father.

9. What form does the protest at the Alake compound eventually take?
(a) A sit-in protest.
(b) The women take several chiefs hostage.
(c) The women refuse to eat until their demands are met.
(d) It devolves into a massacre.

10. What is an ogboni?
(a) A coconut cake.
(b) A blacksmith.
(c) A local chief.
(d) A crayfish stew.

11. In Chapter 14, how does Wild Christian come to the aid of a local chief?
(a) She hides him so he is not beaten by the mob.
(b) She helps him to read a letter from the British government.
(c) She gives him money after his belt pouch was stolen.
(d) She testifies in his defense at trial.

12. What happens to the naked woman at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) She is dragged to the police station after a fierce fight.
(b) She doesn't say a word, and she is taken to the police station.
(c) She is applauded for her boldness and given an award.
(d) She is beaten and paraded through the streets to humiliate her.

13. Where does Sorowanke live, according to Chapter 10?
(a) The parking lot of a McDonald's.
(b) Mr. B's house.
(c) In a shanty town by the river.
(d) Dayisi's Walk.

14. What do the women do to symbolically strip the local chiefs of their power?
(a) They break their walking staffs.
(b) They knock over a totem pole.
(c) They burn paper money issued by the chiefs.
(d) They strip the chiefs of their scarves.

15. What is Wole's opinion of snake meat?
(a) He is never able to try it.
(b) It is a staple of his diet, and he has no strong opinion about it.
(c) He is disgusted by it, even though his family loves it.
(d) He enjoys the taste.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "last straw" in Sorowanke's fight with local peddlers?

2. What possibility drives Wole into a depression in Chapter 11?

3. How long does the mob violence at the Alake compound last?

4. Why does Wole receive lashings in Chapter 12?

5. Who does the Alake summon to his residence in response to the women's protest?

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