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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 2, how does Wole entertain his guests during his fourth birthday party?
(a) Building a small house from strips of wood.
(b) Staging a swordfight with branches as swords.
(c) Playing tag.
(d) Singing.

2. What are ghommids?
(a) Mystical fruits that grant immortality.
(b) Forest creatures which hunt for children.
(c) Gifts provided to the parents of a woman of marriageable age.
(d) Fashionable shoes that schoolchildren wear.

3. What is the phrase Wole uses to describe the odor in Wild Christian's room?
(a) Given to change like a chameleon.
(b) Hot, humid, and sticky.
(c) Sweet and airy like a cake.
(d) A riot of smells.

4. Why does Wild Christian admonish Essay at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) Essay is beating Wole unnecessarily.
(b) Essay is instilling an argumentative spirit in Wole.
(c) Wole is making mischief, and Essay is doing nothing to stop him.
(d) Essay is indulging Wole too often with sweet treats.

5. What is called "a miracle from God" at the end of Chapter 2?
(a) The fact that Wole can read at one year of age.
(b) Tinu's sudden recovery from a bad fever.
(c) The fact that Wole did not lose an eye to a bad accident.
(d) Osiki's ability to not cause mischief during a church service.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trouble does You-Mean-Mayself cause Essay and the household?

2. What is the phrase Wole uses to describe the odor in Essay's room?

3. What are egungun?

4. In Chapter 7, what does the baby return from the hospital with?

5. Why do the children make fun of "You-Mean-Mayself"?

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