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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sorowanke live, according to Chapter 10?
(a) In a shanty town by the river.
(b) The parking lot of a McDonald's.
(c) Mr. B's house.
(d) Dayisi's Walk.

2. What is the phrase Wole uses to describe the odor in Essay's room?
(a) Ordered mustiness.
(b) Baked-in grease.
(c) Imagination stifling.
(d) Leaden and noxious.

3. What do the women do to symbolically strip the local chiefs of their power?
(a) They burn paper money issued by the chiefs.
(b) They strip the chiefs of their scarves.
(c) They knock over a totem pole.
(d) They break their walking staffs.

4. What is a "saara?"
(a) A feast given as an offering to spirits.
(b) A blanket used in the winter months.
(c) A tree with sweet-tasting sap.
(d) A gathering of both boy and girl students.

5. What is Wole's opinion of snake meat?
(a) It is a staple of his diet, and he has no strong opinion about it.
(b) He is never able to try it.
(c) He is disgusted by it, even though his family loves it.
(d) He enjoys the taste.

Short Answer Questions

1. On a trip to Broda Pupa's farm, which is NOT one of the activities Wole participates in?

2. In Chapter 2, what does Wole believe about St. Peter?

3. Upon returning to Ake at the end of Chapter 3, what is the first thing Wole says?

4. What is the name of Wole's grammar school?

5. In Chapter 7, how does Wole regard Mrs. Odufuwa?

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