Objects & Places from Aké: The Years of Childhood

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Object Descriptions

Ake - This town is the town in which Wole lives.

Egungun - These beings are ancestral spirits. They come in many types and can be helpful or dangerous.

Egbaland - This region, a subset of Nigeria, is where the Yoruba people live.

Isara - This town is the town in which Father lives.

The Communal Mat - Wild Christian's refugee children all sleep on this object inside her bedroom.

The Radio - This object, to Wole, is a magical device, capable of behaving like a prophet.

Abeokuta Grammar School - This place is what Wole attends after elementary school at the parsonage.

Egba Women's Union - This organization is formed by Wild Christian and Beere. It means to stamp out social injustice.

Ibarapa Market - This aromatic part of town is full of local delicacies.

Shoes - This object represents a generation gap. Essay feels this...

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