Daily Lessons for Teaching Aké: The Years of Childhood

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Ake is an autobiography. This lesson will introduce the notion of autobiography.


1) Dictionary Definition: What is an autobiography? What distinguishes autobiography from biography? How is an autobiography structured?

2) Classroom Discussion: Whose autobiography is Ake? What constraints does the author place on the narrative -- i.e., what portion of the author's life is captured? What are the challenges of creating autobiographical material from childhood memories?

3) Group Discussion: Chapter 1 introduces the author's purpose, and several key people and places. Groups should discuss what kind of material the author has chosen to include. What do students think informed the authors choices of what details to include and not include? Why has the author restricted the book to childhood? Why is it important to start with several of the author's family legends?

4) Homework: Students should engage in their own mini-autobiography, and write a narrative about one or two...

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