Aké: The Years of Childhood Fun Activities

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Geography Lesson

Have students create a map of Nigeria on poster board. Have them try to identify the places talked about in the book.

Visualizing the Spirit World

Let your students' minds go free by having them imagine and then draw the several spirits talked about in the book. What are their features? How big are they? Are they fearsome or peaceful?

Song Fun

Singing is a common activity in Wole's life, and in the community around him. Find out about a few traditional Nigerian chants/songs, and teach the class to sing them as a group.

Extended Travelogue

In Chapter 3, Wole takes his first journey through Ake, and mentions notable sights on the way. Writing as Wole, expand Chapter 3, and imagine what other people, places, and events Wole could have seen in his journey, using your knowledge of Ake and its inhabitants.

Theater Dialogue

In Chapter 4, Wole...

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