Aké: The Years of Childhood Character Descriptions

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Wole Soyinka - This person is the author of the autobiography and the one through whose eyes we witness the events of the story.

Wild Christian - This woman is Wole's mother. Her chief attribute is her fiery temper.

Essay - This man is Wole's father, and the Headmaster of the parsonage's elementary school that Wole initially attends.

Tinu - This girl is Wole's older sister. Wole feels protective of her.

Father - This man is Essay's father. He is still set in the old tribal ways.

Daodu - This man is Wole's uncle, and the larger-than-life principal of the Akeobuta Grammar School.

Paa Adatan - This man is a screws-loose warrior who has armed himself in a bid to destroy Hitler and his minions.

Sorowanke - This woman is homeless and lives in the middle of a busy public square.

Beere - This woman is Daodu's...

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