Aké: The Years of Childhood Character Descriptions

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Wole Soyinka

This person is the author of the autobiography and the one through whose eyes we witness the events of the story.

Wild Christian

This woman is Wole's mother. Her chief attribute is her fiery temper.


This man is Wole's father, and the Headmaster of the parsonage's elementary school that Wole initially attends.


This girl is Wole's older sister. Wole feels protective of her.


This man is Essay's father. He is still set in the old tribal ways.


This man is Wole's uncle, and the larger-than-life principal of the Akeobuta Grammar School.

Paa Adatan

This man is a screws-loose warrior who has armed himself in a bid to destroy Hitler and his minions.


This woman is homeless and lives in the middle of a busy public square.


This woman is Daodu's wife and Wole's aunt. She is a very progressive activist...

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