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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The messenger tells a story to the Chorus that shows Ajax has what quality?
(a) Great pride.
(b) Great confidence.
(c) Great intelligence.
(d) Great cunning.

2. What does inter mean?
(a) To put away.
(b) To bury.
(c) To save.
(d) To clothe.

3. What does the Chorus think that Menelaus will do when he comes to speak to Teucer?
(a) Take Ajax's body.
(b) Share more rumors.
(c) Steal Ajax's son.
(d) Mock his misery.

4. Who says: Men of ill judgment oft ignore the good /That lies within their hands, till they have lost it.
(a) Tecmessa.
(b) Teucer.
(c) The Chorus.
(d) Ajax.

5. Why does Ajax make his speech to the Chorus?
(a) To stop them from killing him.
(b) To stop them from pleading with him.
(c) To stop them from following him.
(d) To stop them from helping him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls for Tecmessa to come listen to the messenger?

2. Teucer predicts that his father will feel what kind of grief?

3. What are some of the normal events, that take place off stage, that the messengers bring word of?

4. What does Ajax's wife cover Ajax's body with?

5. Who is the god of the sun?

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