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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Ajax's state of mind at his death?
(a) Peaceful.
(b) Grief-filled.
(c) Hateful.
(d) Turmoil.

2. When Teucer arrives at the Greek camp, where does he come from?
(a) The Mysian ships.
(b) The Mysian shores.
(c) The Mysian heights.
(d) The Mysian plains.

3. How many parts are there to the Chorus' song between Ajax's speech and the arrival of the messenger?
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

4. How are prophecies in Classical Greek theater perceived?
(a) As infallible.
(b) As partial truths.
(c) As possibly wrong.
(d) As full truths.

5. What does the Chorus think that Menelaus will do when he comes to speak to Teucer?
(a) Steal Ajax's son.
(b) Share more rumors.
(c) Take Ajax's body.
(d) Mock his misery.

6. How is Teucer greeted at the Greek camp?
(a) With cheers and happiness.
(b) With silence.
(c) With taunts and insults.
(d) With isolation.

7. Why does Ajax's wife cover his dead body?
(a) To keep herself clean while carrying the body.
(b) To prevent others from knowing how he died.
(c) To prevent someone from hurting the body.
(d) Because it is a horrible sight.

8. Who enters while Ajax is speaking to the Chorus in Part III?
(a) Odysseus.
(b) Athena.
(c) His son.
(d) Tecmessa.

9. Where does Part IV begin?
(a) Next to a ship.
(b) In an isolated valley.
(c) On an isolated beach.
(d) Beside an isolated river.

10. Why does Ajax make his speech to the Chorus?
(a) To stop them from pleading with him.
(b) To stop them from killing him.
(c) To stop them from following him.
(d) To stop them from helping him.

11. When Ajax leaves their presence, the Chorus rejoices in his what?
(a) Repentance.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Resolutions.
(d) Sorrow.

12. At the end of Part III, Tecmessa realizes that Ajax has done what to her?
(a) Deceived her.
(b) Loved her.
(c) Hated her.
(d) Minimized her.

13. Ajax tells the Chorus that he is planning to purify himself how?
(a) By burying his armor.
(b) By going home.
(c) By burying his sword.
(d) By burning an offering to the gods.

14. The messenger was supposed to keep Ajax in what location until Teucer could speak with him?
(a) On his ship.
(b) In the camp.
(c) In his tent.
(d) In the infirmary.

15. What is the term used to describe a speech given by a character alone on stage, normally inwardly directed?
(a) Monologue.
(b) Soliloquy.
(c) Speech.
(d) Prologue.

Short Answer Questions

1. The characters, in Classical Greek theater, will view fighting against a prophecy as what?

2. Who discovers Ajax's body?

3. Who generally can break the cycle that killing and humiliation begin?

4. Tecmessa says that Menelaus and Agamemnon will soon feel what over contributing to the death of such a great warrior?

5. How has Ajax planted his sword in the ground?

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