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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which side is Ajax fighting on?
(a) Greek.
(b) Menelian.
(c) Spartan.
(d) Athenian.

2. What will happen to Ajax's wife if he dies?
(a) Becomes a slave.
(b) Is given to another man.
(c) Re-marries.
(d) Has to stay home and raise her son.

3. Who doubts Tecmessa when she says that Ajax is regaining his sanity?
(a) Temacus.
(b) Odysseus.
(c) The Chorus.
(d) Telanon.

4. What is the function of the Chorus in Part I?
(a) To serve as a warning to Ajax.
(b) To serve as support for Ajax's wife.
(c) To serve as Ajax's cheering section.
(d) To serve as help for Odysseus.

5. What does the Chorus call the mood that Ajax is in during Part II?
(a) A black mood.
(b) A failing mood.
(c) A dark mood.
(d) A curse.

6. What will happen to the rest of Ajax's armor?
(a) It will be burned.
(b) It will be thrown in the ocean.
(c) It will be buried with him.
(d) It will be used by someone else.

7. When does honor first appear as a theme in the play?
(a) In the Chorus' second lines.
(b) In the Chorus' last lines.
(c) In the Chorus' third lines.
(d) In the Chorus' first lines.

8. What did Tecmessa do to Ajax's son while Ajax was mad?
(a) Hid him.
(b) Sent him to battle.
(c) Sent him home.
(d) Took him back to the ship.

9. What does the Chorus think should "hide one who is sick in soul"?
(a) Hell.
(b) Heaven.
(c) The sea.
(d) The forrest.

10. Who is Telamon?
(a) Ajax's son.
(b) Ajax's father.
(c) Ajax's king.
(d) Ajax's brother.

11. Who is the only warrior greater than Ajax?
(a) Paris.
(b) Odysseus.
(c) Hector.
(d) Achilles.

12. Where does Athena appear from at the beginning of the play?
(a) Above.
(b) Below.
(c) The trees.
(d) From the shadows.

13. Who did Athena protect throughout the war?
(a) The Spartans.
(b) The Greeks.
(c) The Trojans.
(d) The Creatians.

14. What traditional element of Classical Greek theater consists of a number of actors speaking with a single voice?
(a) The Group.
(b) The Chorus.
(c) The Men.
(d) The Orchestra.

15. Who confirms Odysseus' suspicions that Ajax slaughtered a herd of cattle?
(a) Menaleus.
(b) Athena.
(c) Ajax.
(d) Terues.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ajax's mother's name?

2. What does Athena say she will do to Odysseus before having Ajax appear?

3. How many people accompany Ajax's son onto the stage?

4. Who says, "As God appoints, so every man laughs or laments?"

5. What direction does the Chorus move when singing the antistrophe?

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