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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Ajax leaves their presence, the Chorus rejoices in his what?
(a) Repentance.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Resolutions.
(d) Sorrow.

2. What time of day is it at the beginning of the play?
(a) Evening.
(b) Dusk.
(c) Dawn.
(d) Afternoon.

3. What does Ajax strive not to be in his actions?
(a) A religious man.
(b) A coward.
(c) A fool.
(d) A smart man.

4. Who does Ajax feel has done him an injustice?
(a) His father and Agamemnon.
(b) Agamemnon and Menelaus.
(c) Agamemnon and Odysseus.
(d) Menelaus and Odysseus.

5. What did Ajax do in the middle of the carnage that he wrought?
(a) Die.
(b) Sleep.
(c) Collapse.
(d) Cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says, "As God appoints, so every man laughs or laments?"

2. Who is the only warrior greater than Ajax?

3. Who says: Nobly to live, or else nobly to die/Befits proud birth?

4. What is the name of Ajax's son?

5. What does the Chorus call the mood that Ajax is in during Part II?

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