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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Part III, who is Ajax prepared to make peace with?
(a) Agamemnon and Menelaus.
(b) His father.
(c) Odysseus.
(d) His fellow warriors.

2. The messenger tells a story to the Chorus that shows Ajax has what quality?
(a) Great intelligence.
(b) Great pride.
(c) Great cunning.
(d) Great confidence.

3. When Menelaus leaves, what does the Chorus want Teucer to do?
(a) Quickly clean Ajax's body.
(b) Quickly hide Ajax's body.
(c) Quickly prepare a grave.
(d) Quickly burn Ajax's body.

4. What does the Chorus think should "hide one who is sick in soul"?
(a) Hell.
(b) The sea.
(c) The forrest.
(d) Heaven.

5. What is the name of Ajax's son?
(a) Euthercidenes.
(b) Ephesianus.
(c) Eurysaces.
(d) Euripides.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ajax tell the Chorus he is going to go in order to appease Athena's wrath?

2. By struggling against a prophecy, the characters are struggling against what?

3. When Tecmessa confirms, to the Chorus, that Ajax slaughtered cattle, what does the Chorus say it might be time to do?

4. Teucer's comments about Hector reveal a secondary theme, which is what?

5. When the Choruses first appear after Ajax's death, what are they complaining about?

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