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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By struggling against a prophecy, the characters are struggling against what?
(a) Destiny.
(b) Fate.
(c) The Gods.
(d) Nature.

2. What does Ajax tell his son that he must become?
(a) A strong warrior.
(b) A smart warrior.
(c) A great warrior.
(d) A benevolent warrior.

3. Who does the Chorus think will grieve if Ajax continues to be self-destructive?
(a) His sister.
(b) His mother.
(c) His aunt.
(d) His grandmother.

4. What is the antistrophe?
(a) The beginning of the Chorus' song.
(b) The dancing of the Chorus.
(c) The turning of the Chorus the other way.
(d) The turning of the Chorus towards the audience.

5. Ajax tells the Chorus that he is planning to purify himself how?
(a) By burying his armor.
(b) By burying his sword.
(c) By burning an offering to the gods.
(d) By going home.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Ajax's youth, what did he want to win alone, without the help of the gods?

2. What is Ajax carrying when he enters in Part III?

3. Who brings Ajax's son onto the stage?

4. Ajax pleads to be allowed to die but says that who is keeping him alive?

5. Who told Ajax: Seek victory by the spear/But seek it always with the help of heaven?

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