Ajax Character Descriptions

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Agamemnon - This character is a Greek warrior who, out of friendship, allows another character to be buried.

Ajax - This character is a courageous Greek warrior, and feels that he has been disrespected when he is passed over for the shield of Achilles.

Athena - This character is a daughter of the god Zeus, and is the goddess of war.

Chorus - These characters sing sections of the play and their purpose is to explain events or actions and to provide commentary on the events that are occurring.

Eurysaces - This character is a small child who helps prepare his father's body for burial.

Menelaus - This character is a great Athenian warrior who refuses to let another be buried.

Odysseus - This character is a great warrior and is given the arms of Achilles.

Soldier - This character is unnamed and brings news of...

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